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Magento Translate

Magento Language translation module for your Magento stores.
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- Advanced Language Translation (Magento 1.x)

The advanced language translate extension for Magento provides the most convenient way to translate Magento stores to any languages directly under admin section without modifying .CSV language pack files.

No more language pack for French, Spanish, Dutch or other languages.


Under admin section please go to "CMS >> Advanced Translation >> Configuration" as below:

- Select "Yes/No" for "Enabled?" field to enable/disable translating function
- Select language for frontend & backend (or "-- Auto --" for automatic selection)



Translation Management

Under admin section please go to "CMS >> Advanced Translation >> Manage Translation" to go to translation listing page:



Edit Translation

On translation listing page, click to any language which you want to translate to go to its edit page as below:

- Put text you want to translate/change in CSV format
- Translation text separated by line-break


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