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Performance Optimization

Magento performance optimization provided by Emosys expert team.

While working on our projects we found out that almost every Magento store needs performance tweaking and even if you think your store is fast it may not be so for your customers.

What our team offer is a thoroughly selected set of actions aimed at speeding up any Magento store. It's time to stop breaking your brains, benchmarking and installing additional software in hope to make your store at least a bit robust - justcontact us now and our specialists will introduce you to the best developers in the field of Magento Performance Optimization.

Here is a brief explanation of what the service includes:

Tuning and Configuration

Web server
Magento developers study and perform software change/upgrades, make sure all versions are correct, install/compile apache, nginx and other web servers and their modules, thoroughly select loaded modules, do web server related optimizations.

After a thorough analysis specialists can recommend and perform database configuration that matches your store, is load balanced, separates read and write databases.

Our experts can install the best caching engines for both PHP and Magento and make sure they correctly interact with each other. Sometimes it makes sense to move sessions and other information to a cache rather than keep it in the filesystem or database.

CSS and JavaScript
This includes proper configuration of code and web server to give out CSS and JS pieces in the most fast and correct way. This can include compression, files combining, making sure visitors receive only necessary files.

Media content
In most cases it makes sense to distribute static media in a different way than HTML - it can be a different web daemon, moving media to a subdomain, distribution across several servers or moving it out on a CDN.

This is a very brief and general Magento speed optimization service description, please contact us now and we will reply your requests immediately.

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