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April 2024

culture meets high-tech!

At the Vienna Engine Symposium 2024, we not only presented our technologies but also had valuable discussions with current and future partners.

We thank everyone who came to gain deeper insights into our BoostDrive technology and to discuss together the next stage of electromobility. Each conversation was another step on our continuous journey to push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Wiener Motorensymposium 2024

April 2023

Test bench

We were able to complete our second test stand for electric high-speed drives, traction drives and drive trains and have already successfully completed the first test runs.

In line with our motto "PUSHING PHYSICS TO THE LIMITS", we can now carry out functional verifications and system tests of new prototypes at a maximum of 600kW, 16,500rpm and up to 600Nm. Thanks to the vibration monitoring system, separate pressure and temperature measurements in the flow and return as well as current and voltage monitoring with electronic quick shutdown (<15µs), measurements can be taken efficiently on electrical machines.


Sept. 2022

summer party

Despite the rain, there was a good mood at the eMoSys Summer Festival 2022, the path through the Partnach Gorge was adventurous and exciting! Thanks to culinary highlights in the Kaiserschmarrn Alm and great music from the Koitabach Musi, it was an unforgettable evening for all of us! We would like to thank everyone from the team who was there and look forward to the next celebration with you!


May 2022

Bog hike

We welcome the summer with a moor hike from our company headquarters in Starnberg to the castle restaurant Leutstetten past the Villa Rustica excavation site and the Leutstetten Castle.

Many thanks to everyone who was there, we are already looking forward to our next trip,

where it says again:


May 2022

eMoSys JobRad has started!

Even Albert Einstein appreciated cycling for his work, as it was when he got his best ideas. Our colleague Alexander G. is also an enthusiastic cyclist. He is the first to take advantage of our new employee benefit JobRad, and it is now available to him for commuting to work and privately. In this way, he stays fit even in the home office, makes a contribution to climate protection and saves up to 40% compared to a direct purchase through tax savings.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new #dreambike!



March 2022

We have found our master!

The 1st eMoSys table tennis championship ended on Friday, March 11th, 2022. After a long and hard competition, Sebastian D. (on the right in the picture) was able to get first place, second place is Alexander G. (on the left in the picture)

We would like to thank all participants, especially Alexander G. for the great preparation and organization of the championship. The following also applies to the next tournament:



Feb. 2022

The new career portal of eMoSys GmbH is now online! Take a look right away, if none of the advertised vacancies apply to you, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application there. Become part of the eMoSys team and help us to develop the innovations of tomorrow.


Link to our career portal:

Die Geschäftsleitung der EmoSys GmbH mit Sitz in Starnberg, Bayern. Hochvolt e-Antriebe, E

October 2021

Modification -1 basement

Our expansion of the premises in Gautinger Strasse is progressing!

The relocation of the 250 KW e-test bench from the 1st floor to the basement is complete. Now we are beginning with the construction of the new, significantly more powerful e-test bench, which is to be put into operation in the spring of next year.

Pushing physics to the limits !!!

Bild Umbau klein.PNG

May 2021

Corona protective mask

Since everyone has to wear masks due to the corona pandemic, it is even more difficult for hearing-impaired people to communicate. EMoSys has set itself the task of developing a virus protection mask that offers more effective virus protection and does not restrict communication. A big advantage of the mask is the transparent shield, which makes facial expressions visible again. Ms. Krott and Mr. Langscheid from the self-help group "Gilchinger Auricle" visited the think tank eMoSys together to get their own impression of our revolutionary new mask:

"That would be amazing and would help us so much, we hearing-impaired people have it even harder at the moment" (Mr. Langscheid April 15, 2021, Starnberg)

Virenschutzmaske_UVC Maske_Gehörlose Men

April 2021

Due to Corona, we all had to get used to many new things in our everyday life, including wearing virus protection masks. In order to make this safer and more comfortable in the future, the think tank eMoSys GmbH has developed a revolutionary battery-powered mask that reliably inactivates viruses and germs when inhaling and exhaling with the help of UVC light. We are currently still looking for an industrialization partner.

The difference compared to conventional FFP2 masks is that the aerosols are not only filtered, but freed from all viruses - not just the corona viruses, by the way." (Starnberger Merkur from April 13, 2021)


March 2021

Our team enthusiastically received District Administrator Stefan Frey and Annette von Nordeck from the business development agency gwt, who visited our innovation center eMoSys together. In addition to the latest technological ideas for more efficiency in electric motors, both were enthusiastic about our high-performance test benches.

Mr. Frey assured us full support when looking for partners and possible customers: "If I can mediate, I will do it - the main thing is that you stay here with us" (District Administrator Stefan Frey, Starnberger Merkur from March 9th, 2021)

080321_Landrat Hr. Frey + SEC bearbeitet

Jan. 2021

Our new 3D digital macroscope enables us to carry out a high-resolution optical incoming goods inspection. Measuring accuracy of 0.5 µm in 40x magnification mode and 1.0 µm in 12x magnification mode. #edrive


Feb. 2020

In order to be able to supply our increasing number of customers with the most innovative drives, we have decided to increase our office space from 360 sqm to 680 sqm. For our pioneering research in the field of electromobility, we now have our own high-performance test bench (25,000 revolutions, 1000 volts), two 3D printers and a high-resolution optical incoming goods inspection system.

Emosys | Starnberg | Bayern | innovatives

May 2019

After our company continued to grow, we moved to a new office building at the beginning of May 2019. From the previous 180 sqm in Peterbrunner Str. 3a to Gautinger Str. 6 with 360 sqm, which gives us space for the latest technological developments.


April 2018

After our company continued to grow, we moved to a new office building at the beginning of May 2019. From the previous 180 sqm in Peterbrunner Str. 3a to Gautinger Str. 6 with 360 sqm, which gives us space for the latest technological developments.

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