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Head of R&D

Dr. Phys. Andreas Gründl
Partner and Co-Founder

Geschäftsführer CEO Emosys GmbH | Forschung Motorsport | Entwicklung Motorsport | Forschung Aero | Entwicklung Aero | Forschung Luftfahrt | Entwicklung Luftfahrt | Forschung Lufttaxi | Entwicklung Lufttaxi | e drive Solution | e-drive | Hohe Leistungsdichte
CEO - Dipl. Kfm. Stephan Eck
Executive Partner and Shareholder

•  Born in Starnberg, married and father of the two children

•  Studied business administration at the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg

•  BI specialist and investment controller at a well-known German building materials manufacturer

•  From October 2017 finance manager and project manager at eMoSys

•  As the youngest member from April 2018 part of the management of eMoSys and takeover

   of company shares

•  Since November 2018, sole managing director at eMoSys GmbH

Stephan Eck
Dr. Andreas Gründl
Co- Founder Emosys GmbH | Hohe Effizienz | Hochleistungsantrieb | bester Wärmeübergang | Direktantrieb | neuerste Chiptechnologie | Entwicklung und Forschung Elektromotoren | Elektrischer Antrieb | innovativer e-Antrieb | high performance | umweltfreundlicher Antrieb | Geräuscharm | Hohe Leistungsdichte
Head of R&D - Dr. Phys. Andreas Gründl
Partner and Co-Founder

•  Born on July 9th, 1949 in Mayerhofen, married,  father of 1 son

•  University studies and doctorate in experimental physics

•  Participation in the development of a linear drive system for an automated

   mass transit system

•  Development manager for highly efficient electric drives with basic development

   new electromagnetic arrangements in various types of electric motors

•  Since 1990 managing partner of development companies in the market segments of

   Hybrid and electric drive systems

•  Co-inventor on more than 40 simple patents in the field of electric drives, actuators,

   Short-term storage and topologies in power electronics

•  Early 2013 exit from the Compact Dynamics company


•  Shareholder and head of advance and basic development at eMoSys GmbH

Dipl. Ing. Maximilian Eck
Former CEO Emosys GmbH | e-Antrieb | elektrischer Antrieb | Elektromobilität | eDrive | E-Drive | High density | Forschung E- Antrieb | Entwicklung Motorsport | Forschung Motorsport | Direktantrieb | zukunftsweisend | zukunftsweisende technologien | hohe
Former CEO - Dipl. Ing. Maximilian Eck
Consultant and Co-Founder

•  Born on October 17th, 1948 in Munich, married and father of 3 sons

•  Studies at the university, specializing in architecture and business administration

•  Establishment of a development company for an automated local transport system

•  International project management for planning and integration of

   Passenger transport systems in urban areas, Germany and the USA

•  Since 1990 managing partner of development companies in the

   market segments of hybrid and electric drive systems

•  Early 2013 exit from the Compact Dynamics company

•  December 2013 to April 2018 shareholder and managing director in eMoSys

   GmbH, responsible for marketing and development projects

•  From April 2018 shareholder and consultant of eMoSys GmbH

•  Former member of the General Assembly of the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria

•  Former member of the Industry and Innovation Committee of the IHK

•  5 years of voluntary work as a commercial judge at the District Court of Munich II

•  Close cooperation with Bayern Innovativ for 20 years, as an advisory board member in the cluster

   Automotive and when participating in trade fairs

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